Security and Failover

Update on December 26, 2023


We use military grade 256-bit SSL Encryption; our backend also has the capability for IP Address’s that are based on team’s authorized location only.

On request we can provide the following reports (some may require a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement)

1. SSAE16 Report SOC 2 Type 2 Report or PCI DSS ROC report

2. PCI DSS AOC + vulnerability/penetration test report from an independent third party

3. ISO 27001 Certification along with Statement of Applicability (SOA) Report

4. Vulnerability & Penetration test report from an independent third party

5. HIPAA Risk Assessment + vulnerability/penetration test report from an independent third party


Server uptime and platform availability is our number one priority. We understand the cost incurred if you cannot access our ERP system. Each customer has its own database. The database can be recovered up to 1 week in the past. Backups are enabled and are scheduled every one week from the account create date. 

Our backup solution provides continuous data protection and off-site disaster recovery servers. Our off-site backup uses replication and synchronization, with point-in-time snap shots, to provide up to the minute data from the backup.

Server Fail Over

One important note is that failover, whether unexpected in the case of hardware failure or expected in case of planned maintenance, does require a reboot of the instance. However, a reboot incurs far less downtime than a typical hour-long maintenance window or emergency maintenance in the case of hardware failure. Additionally, virtual instances typically boot much more quickly than dedicated hardware.

Server Topography

This high-availability application setup was designed as a solution to offer a high-availability web application setup. It offers advantages to our customers who are looking to eliminate single points of failure and minimize downtime. We are focused for 99.9% up-time with the Truckin Digital application and your performance goals.